Home Staging Tips

Home Staging Tips

5 Home Staging Secrets

Try these five home staging secrets to help you achieve success and earn top dollar.

1. Know Your Buyer

As a home seller, you want to appeal to a wide range of potential buyers. You should also have a good idea what the wants and needs of the most likely buyer. If your home has four bedrooms, located near a park and elementary school, chances are your buyers will be a young family. So make sure you stage at least one of the bedrooms as a young child’s room.

2. Lighting

Today’s buyers want a home that has an open and bright feeling. Open the curtains, raise the blinds, and turn on all the lights when there is a showing. Make sure every light bulb is working, and that they are all the same color; ideally a warmer glow versus a cooler, blue light. Mirrors also help create the look of another window as they reflect the light, and make the space feel huge.

3. Avoid Distractions

Agents sometime have to remind buyers that they are buying the house, not the stuff in it. The problem of clutter, collections and mementos, is that they distract the buyer from seeing the architectural features of your house. The goal is to have the buyer imagining themselves in the home, not wondering who lives there. Remove wall-to-wall carpeting that’s covering hardwood floors. This is the style of today. If you are not showing off these hidden assets you are leaving money on the table.

4. Maximize the Flow

Creating a smooth flow through the house is key to making people feel comfortable and not cramped. Flow is important for physical movement through the space. Continuity in flooring will open the space up and improve the flow, as will using the same wall colors. Wallpaper is out. Not only is it unappealing to today’s buyers, it also chops up the space visually. The solution is to remove the wallpaper and paint the walls with neutral tones. Too much furniture interrupts the flow in a room, and blocks important features like the fireplace or the windows. Streamline your furniture and arrange the pieces to create inviting conversation areas.

5. Update Without Going Broke

Don’t go broke trying to sell your home. The last thing a home seller wants to do is spend a ton of money on a house that they’re not going to be living in. There are some updates that make a big impact without costing a lot. A can of paint is the best investment you can make. A quality paint job with warm neutral tones will make everything seem fresher and more current. NOTE: Hire a professional painter to ensure that the effort of painting does not go to waste with paint mistakes on the trim, ceiling and flooring. An inexpensive, but effective update requires replacing old cabinet hardware in the kitchen and baths. New light fixtures can also create a more contemporary look. A fresh new duvet and pillow shams can make the photos pop and are great for showings.

Try these home staging secrets to give your property the elegance that buyers won’t pass up.

Home Staging Tips

Spring Home Staging Tips

David Birka has over 16 years helping homeowners design, build and finish their dream home.  David is also a valuable resource for existing homeowners who need help with decorative enhancements and contractor referrals.

"Dave made the choices simple, easy and efficient.  He was truly there with us every step of the way.  He spent hours researching carpet, tile, stone and lighting for us- since we live 1200 miles away.  He took digital photographs, gathered samples and mailed us design books.  He counseled us on smart investment and resale value." Erik & Helena 

Home staging and home improvement will add peace of mind, in addition to helping to raise the return on one of your most valuable investments. 

David will work with you to discover a list of what you feel would be acceptable to change.  There is usually a list of little things that add up in the minds of home buyers.  For example,  painting rooms with neutral colors, patching holes in walls, replacing dated light fixtures or repairing bathroom tiles.  These are seen as hidden obstacles that might otherwise make your home difficult to sell.

During this process, it is OK if you choose to skip over some items.  After all, selling your home is an emotional process.  You may always revisit certain "suggested changes" which come from the buyer feeback after showings.   

"We just want to thank you for selling our home, and all the things you did to make it possible.  1. You found contractor to repair the damage to our home while we were hundeds of miles away. 2. Coordinated with a person from my inssurance company while were away. 3. Worked with a roofer to get the roof repaired. 4. Suggested carpet, and exterior shutter replacement and had a professioal install the new sump pump. 5. Secured snow removal in our absence. 6. Dried out the lower level after storm damage."
William and Doreth

The ultimate goal is to improve, and to maximize the value of your home, Properly staged homes can sell faster, and with a higher price, than comparable properties in the market.

Home Staging Tips

Landscaping Upgrades

Simple landscape clean up will add curb appeal to any home.  A home can be stunning on the inside, but without the proper care on the outside, potential buyers can lose interest or pass by without even stopping.  An attractive well kept lawn is the first thing people will notice.  You don't have to have a green thumb and a lot of cash to boost your curb appeal.

Remove Weeds

If weeds are an issue, you can use various tools to remove them quickly.  Sometimes the traditional method of pulling weeds is too much of a chore.  The right amount of herbicide may be the strategic defense necessary to eliminate a yard full of weeds.  A professional may be best suited for the job since they can apply the right chemical treatemnt, in the correct amount per your individual situation.


As you look at your yard with the buyer's eyes, you may want to take out overgrown bushes.  Remove twigs and other yard debris.


Take a hoe or rake and removed dead grass to make bare spots ready for seed.  With larger yards, with compacted soil, aeration with loosen the soil and allow the grass to take in more nutrients.  Overseeding after aeration will bring noticable results with a fresh green lawn.


It goes without saying that taller grass stays greener longer than short grass.  The experts say mow as high as your mower will allow during the summer months.  Mow with a sharp blade to avoid brown grass tips.  Frequent mowing to take off the top third is ideal.


A green yard is rich with nitrogen.  A seasonal application of a quality fertilizer is the basic formula for a heathy lawn. 

Home Staging Tips

Feng Shui Can Help Sell Your Home

1.) The front of a home is the face.

The front door is considered the "Mouth of Chi."  I traditional Chinese culture, "Chi" is that which gives life. All good things come through the front door - abundance, blessings, and good fortune.  The front door can provide a signal to potential buyers of the condition of the rest of the home. A well lit path leading to the front door, and a clean and decluttered foyer will add impact.

2.) Chi forces look for ways to escape.  To keep positive Chi, keep bathroom doors closed, and toilet seats down.

3.) The dining space is a source of power and a symbol of togetherness. It should be decluttered.

4.) The master bedroom is also a place of power, in additon to honor and protection. Paint should be soft tones to promote serenity.

5.) The windows are considered the eyes of the home. Make sure they are painted, clean and in good repair.

Home Staging Tips

Home Sweet Smelling Home

Home buyers encounter different home smells than they are normally accustomed to in their own home. The different odors can create a positive or negative affect and evoke certain feelings. Home fragrance is often overlooked in home staging and can play a major role in selling your home. Here are a few tips for a better smelling home.

Use Your Stove

Essential oils and spices simmering on the stove can replace the stale odors in your home.

Use Baking Soda

Baking Soda is the great equilizer. You can use an open box in the refrigerator to neutralize smells.  Freshen carpets by sprinkling baking soda and wait for a hour before vacuuming.  It can be used in drains, and trash containers and more.

Use Your Green Thumb

Plants are natural air purifiers. Plants add a splash of color and can add a natural fragrance such as roses, eucalyptus, rosemary, or lavender.

A great smelling home can allow buyers see themselves living there.  It may be the special staging tip to help make your home sell. 

Home Staging Tips

Pre-Inspection Can Help Sell Your Home

There are many decisions when it comes to selling your home. Making the necessary repairs can be a major task. There are several routine steps that should be addressed with any home in preparation for listing on the market.

Home Clean Up

This is not a home repair.  However, a clean home should be part of your overall strategy for preparing your home for the market.  Cleaning your home on a daily basis may not be the same as when you list your home for sale.  You must be aware that the home could be shown at any time, and keeping the home in a constant "clean" state can be a difficult task. Showing Tip- Use large plasic bin to quickly hide childrens toys during short notice home showings. 

Once the home has been thoroughly cleaned, you may have discovered some windows that are not in working order, or may have a cracked pane. Replace window sashes, or torn screens before a home inspection.

Finish the Home To-Do List

Everyone has a list that seems to grow each year.  These are projects to improve the home and protect you from the buyers Home Inspector.  When it comes time to sell, review this list.  Inspect for safety items first.  These are the items that show up on the Buyer's Home Inspection Report, and can cause the buyer to raise an unnecessary concern.  Replace bad light bulbs, test, or replace, old smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Have a professional check the furnace. This is also a good time to replace filters and clean drains throughout the home.  Home inspectors will note slow drains and dirty furnace filters on their report.

Hire an electrician.  An electrician can check for double tapped circuits in the fuse panel.  They can test, and repair, faulty Ground Fault Circuit Interupeter devices throughout the home and garage. 

Now that you have the home in a clean and repaired state, you may wish to go ahead with a Home Pre-Inspection.  This will provide and report that perspective buyers can review.  It can also alert you to addition repairs that you may choose to do, or leave to a buyer to negotiate.